Suction Pump Massage (SPM)

SPM face SPM body SPM-full

SPM (short for Suction Pump Massage) is one of Beauty Empire’s latest signature treatments. How this treatment works and its benefits are below:-

SPM uses negative pressure (vacuum) to suck in the skin and massages. It can be used on the face and on the body. Depending on the strength of the vacuum and the massage technique, SPM has a threefold effect.

1. Lymph drainage – the lymph flow is activated and waste products are carried away. It can be used as a support to your facial treatment and against acne or as a support to your body treatment and against cellulite.

2. Increases cell metabolism – fatty cells are burnt up to breakdown and eliminate the fat deposits. Aids in activating skin that is in need of regeneration, even to revive a tired scalp that is balding.

3. Skin firming – strengthening of the connective tissue, a natural, lasting thickening and rejuvenation of the dermis and smoothening of the skin, i.e. firming up loose skin on various parts of the body, smoothing stretch marks and wrinkles.

Package price will be determined after consultation.