Suction Pump Massage (SPM)

SPM (short for Suction Pump Massage) is one of Beauty Empire’s latest signature treatments. How this treatment works and its benefits are below:- SPM uses negative pressure (vacuum) to suck in the skin and massages. It can be used on the face and on the body. Depending on the strength of the vacuum and the […]

Raindrops Technique Massage

The Native American Lakota tradition tells of a tribal journey far north into Canada to witness the aurora borealis, or the northern lights. The legend states that when they arrived, tribal members reached upward into the night sky while deeply inhaling the healing power from the dancing lights. This beautiful tradition is the inspiration for […]


Our Microdermabrasion system utilizes a fine stream of microcrystals that gently polishes the skin. It involves less pain and recovery time than chemical or laser peels with no anesthesia or irritation. Suitable for ALL skin types this can treat fine lines & wrinkles, black and whiteheads, dull thick or blemished skin or acne scarring, gentle […]

Oxygen Recharge Inhalation

  As the human body ages, blood circulation in the body slows and the supply of oxygen to the cells is consequently diminished, causing skin aging. However, by increasing the amount of oxygen in the cells through Oxygen Recharge Inhalation, the skin can ‘breathe’ again and absorb all the active ingredients it needs.

Ginger Massage Treatment

  Enjoy aromatic fresh ginger in a whole new way. Especially powerful for cold or allergy relief, detoxification and circulation, this treatment helps you unwind from head to toe. The active ingredients found in ginger, gingerols and shagoals, lower levels of prostaglandins, the chemicals responsible for pain and inflammation in joints and muscles.