The general rule of thumb to weight loss is that energy burned has to be greater than energy consumed. Not an unfamiliar or difficult theory to understand. However, there are many different approaches to do so and a variety of variables that contribute to weight gain and weight loss. Therefore there is no simple one-size-fits-all solution.


Firstly, it is important to set goals and know your motivation. Ask yourself why you want to lose weight. Then set realistic concrete goals (something you can achieve) like the amount of weight you wish to lose, over what period of time. Without having a suitable motivation, it will be difficult or if not impossible to achieve any goals. For example, I wish to get back into a healthy weight range for my own positive image and would like to lose 3kg in 1 month.

Establish new priorities, put exercise/ fitness before social activities or combine them. The weekly meet ups over food and drink has to be cut down and meet ups can also revolve around exercise sessions. Alcohol consumption can result in empty calories and contribute to weight gain. Making this simple adjustment in lifestyle is a potentially easy way to minimize extra calories while also saving money.


Losing weight can be potentially be achieved in the short term through crash dieting or harsh supplements, but for a lasting positive results it is best to take a holistic approach which combines a healthy diet and regular exercise, along with supporting aspects such as massages, supplements and specialized treatments.

Having a healthy diet greatly contributes to one’s overall wellbeing. Taking in regular sensible and healthy meals is important and better than fasting as it will help to ensure a consistent metabolism that will burn calories. Also, it is often said that radiance comes from within. A person that consumes junk food cannot expect to be glowing. Cutting back on sugar and carbs is a good first step to take in establishing a more healthy diet. Focus your diet on intake of protein, good fat and vegetables. The design of each meal should have these elements in mind.


Exercise is not only good for losing weight but it also keeps one healthy by increasing the heart rate, promoting blood circulation and oxygenating organs. For a start, it is good to come up with a consistent exercise regime for at least 3 times a week. Remember to warm up and cool down by stretching before and after any vigorous exercise. Try to do different exercise activities each week which will cover all the different muscles and to not allow the body to go into a comfortable routine. In this way, it would promote greater weight loss.

Try to find exercises that you enjoy which will make the experience more motivating and easier to maintain consistency. When first starting, be careful to not push the body too hard if you have not exercised for a long time. It is important to do something to get going. Something is always better than nothing and it is not even necessary to join a gym from the start as long as you have some outlet to do exercise. You can also look to join exercise classes that allow you to pay drop in rates or just go for a walk/ jog around your estate. You can also watch videos which have HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercises at home and with just an exercise mat.


Massages can help aching muscles after exercise sessions and are effective to promote blood circulation, the lymphatic action of the body, and to help unknot tension. The benefits of massages can then be is complementary and supportive to weight loss effort. There are different types of massages available which should be noted for the various benefits provided. For example, the Indonesian massage is best for water retention, the Chinese tuina massage is good for expelling heatiness and toxic build up in the body and sports massage is good for people who engage in extreme sports or exercise with tightness in the body.

There is no doubt that the use of supplements can also aid in the effort to achieve weight loss but particular attention needs to be made to assess the actual benefits and proper use for each potential supplement. Essential oils such as grapefruit can also aid in the process.

Body slimming therapies are another potential component for weight loss, however many people may have a bad impression of these and deem their treatment as ineffective. Body slimming therapies may also be expensive given the usage of pricey equipment and the literal hands-on involvement of the therapists. However, for that extra bulge that you are trying to get rid of or that cellulite build up on your upper thigh, going to a good slimming therapy centre could be a good decision. Other potential options include use of mud wraps to help with water retention in the body and with the detoxification process; and also to improve skin texture given its natural ingredients. However, just like massages, one cannot just depend on a slimming centre to lose weight. Dieting and exercise together with a slimming program may deliver the best results. Do not hesitate to ask what products and equipment will be used on you when you sign up for a program. You want to be assured that you are getting good quality for the price you pay for. Spa products and equipment from Europe are usually reliable.

Achieving the goals related to one’s external appearance can help to contribute to an overall feeling of confidence and happiness. So it may be worthwhile to invest the necessary time, energy, and resources into achieving the outward physical goals that will lead to this added feeling of self-confidence. However as everyone is unique, a variety of methods may need to be tried to determine which one, or combination, can provide for the best results.

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