Simple tips for beautiful nail and hands

  • Use a milky hand wash

The clearer the cleanser the more drying it is. Try natural antibacterial ingredient component such as tea tree or eucalyptus.

  • Use the hand sanitizer in moderation

High amounts of alcohol dehydrate he skin and make polish chip faster.

  • Moisturise

Oil based products are the best way to get moisture into the skin.

  • Protect with sunscreen

The hands can spot and wrinkle as fast as faces so do not forget the sunblock.

  • Keep nails trimmed

Trimming nails regularly helps maintain healthy nails and helps to avoid snagging or breaking.

  • Learn proper cuticle care

Soften cuticles and nip only hang nails that you can wiggle.

  • Clean with a nail brush

Forget the sharp metal tools, just scrub gently with an old fashioned nail brush.

  • Avoid hot or icy water

Hot water makes skin dry by taking away sebum and cold water cause a constriction then dilation of capillary vessels leading to redness. Otherwise wear dish gloves.

  • Supplements

Those with brittle nails can consider taking Vitamin B or Biotin.

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