The eye and neck are usually the dead giveaways of one’s age and still people continue to neglect these areas due to a lack of knowledge and habit. Especially around age 40, fine lines will start to appear around these areas. There is always still hope for fine lines when immediate attention and care is given but when it is a wrinkle then that crease could almost be permanent. Wrinkles are much deeper and noticeable than fine lines and this occurs with ageing when the skin loses its elasticity.

Treat your neck as an extension of your face and the eyes as the window to your soul. Give the same amount of attention and care to these areas.

Apply an eye cream at least every night before you sleep and preferably after each time you cleanse your face. As the eyes can be sensitive to harsh ingredients a dedicated product for the eye is recommended. Also these is less oil glands around the eye area, therefore an eye product is formulated to not irritate the eyes when applied around the area and less heavy than usual creams.

After you have used your face cream, save some for the neck area as well if using a dedicated neck cream is too much effort. However, if you are looking at firming effects or trying to combat those deep lines then a specific treatment cream is recommended.

When using sunblock, do not forget to also dedicate some to the eye and neck area. As the skin tends to be thinner at these areas prolong sun exposure will cause brown spots. Being diligent will slow down the effects of ageing and sun damage.

Seeing a skin care specialist will dramatically improve your skin tone and appearance as the products used in a salon is usually a more concentrated formula and together with the use of machines, the penetration of such products is much deeper. If still unsure, most places provide a complimentary non-obligatory consultation and so does our centre that has a consultant with more than 30 years experience.

Hormonal changes as you get older will cause an increase in lines, brown spots and an increase in facial hair therefore to keep your youthful glow these simple tweaks will help sustain your beauty that little longer.

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