Beauty tips to live by:-

Use any free time to tend to your beauty

Keep extra beauty products in a little bag. Such as sun block, facial mist, hair serum, teeth whitening strips or body moisturizer. When you are waiting for someone you can apply these treatments.

Stay hydrated inside out

Although it is important to drink 8 cups of water a day as a guidelines the amount of water you drink does not translate to proper skin hydration. It is still vital to use serums, creams and hydrating mists.

Avoid hot showers that can be drying

This especially applies for washing your face.

Look out for additional facial hair

With hormonal changes towards your 40s you may find your face getting fuzzier. Take some time to wax or thread to keep hair from being visible.

Check the ingredients in your products and apply discretion

Products with anti oxidants keep skin looking fresh and collagen stimulates fibroblast. Using products containing exfoliating acids such as glycolic and retinol support cell turnover. Anti ageing products are not only for those in their later years such as the 50s but can be started as young as 25 yrs of age, once one’s sebum secretion is under control. It is all about monitoring how your skin reacts and knowing how to use the amount necessary for one.

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