Beauty Empire and Singapore Cord Blood Bank


Beauty Empire is here to help increase awareness about Cord Blood Donation. We hope to reach out to more parents, especially the pregnant mothers, and increase the public cord blood inventory to raise the survival chances of patients with blood diseases.

Over 30,000 cord blood transplant have been performed around the world with donated cord blood units to public cord blood bank. With these donated cord blood units, SCBB offers a precious treatment option to patients with blood diseases, like leukaemia and lymphoma. Several of these patients would not have survived otherwise, without receiving a cord blood transplant. There are no fees paid by the expectant parents, who donate their baby’s umbilical cord blood after the safe delivery of their babies. We raise our own funds for the cost of collection, processing and storage of donated CBU, which are made available to patients in need of a transplant. Children’s Cancer Foundation, Club Rainbow, Khoo Foundation, Lee Foundation, Shaw Foundation, SingHealth Foundation, corporate donors and philanthropists are amongst our supporters.

We would like to invite all beautiful moms to participate! Contest ends on 31st May 2016!

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